We have a selection of lenses that offer state of the art technology and are thin, lightweight and easy to care for. Say goodbye to heavy, thick glasses that are uncomfortable and say hello to today’s thinner, lighter lenses. Premium options such as Transitions, Crizal, Shamir and polarized lenses are today’s top choices.


The newest in Digital lens technology are the Autograph II lenses by Shamir. These lenses are digitally surfaced to incorporate all elements of your prescription and maintain crisp, clear vision at every angle of the lens. The manufacturing process of Digital Progressive lenses is completely computerized. When your prescription is placed on the back of the lens, the design is brought closer to your eye and provides you with a larger reading and intermediate area.

With new technological advancements, the need to adjust for your lenses is becoming obsolete. Your lenses should accommodate you and you should not have to adapt to your lenses. With Digital Progressive lenses, your lenses are re-calibrated at every angle to provide you with crisp clear vision from every angle. Whether you are reading the paper, working on a computer, or watching a game at the park, your lenses with have the sharpest, clearest vision lenses can provide today without the need to move your head to find a clear area to look through.

As an analogy, think of movies and the ways in which they have been created. VHS, if you remember, could be grainy, the sound wasn’t always clear and the coloring of the video was not always good. VHS was a copy of a copy, which is similar to the way Traditional Progressive lenses were created. If we look at DVDs or MP3s, we now have a digital stream that is fed onto a disc or a drive. The technology used helps to preserve the integrity of the copy you receive. Digital Progressives are much the same. The Progressives lenses you receive today are a product of this advanced technology and the integrity of your lenses is preserved through the manufacturing process.


First used by boaters and fishermen to reduce glare from the water, polarized lenses are now popular among many people who spend time driving and enjoying the outdoors.

In recent years, interest in these lenses has soared as people discovered that they increased visibility and comfort for a wide range of outdoor activities, including golf, biking, hiking and running.

Polarized lenses eliminate dangerous dashboard glare for greater driving safety. Independent studies show that polarized lenses improve driver reaction time, allowing a driver to stop a vehicle 23 feet sooner. Polarized lenses completely block UV rays, providing 100 UVA/UVB protection.

Standard tinted lenses block overall brightness by limiting the parts of the light spectrum that reach your eyes. Polarized lenses, however, contain a special filter that reduces intense glare from horizontal surfaces while allowing you to see most things more vividly than tinted lenses.

Though polarized lenses offer a large number of benefits, there are some situations in which this type of lens is not ideal, such as downhill skiing, where glares from icy patches alert skiers to approaching hazards. Polarized lenses may also limit visibility of images on LCD screens.